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Day: November 16, 2020

What is a Covid case? The false positives and the non-infectious positives

Every day we are informed about the number of new infections by the “new coronavirus”, also known as “Covid-19 cases”. However, do the reported cases all correspond to infected people?

What is a pandemic?

Pandemic refers to an epidemic that has spread to several countries or continents, generally affecting a large number of people (CDC- Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). or It is

What is evolutionary incompatibility?

What we are today is the result of millions of years of evolution. All of us are the result of an unbroken family line (of ancestors). For this it was

What is science and why is it so important?

The emergence of modern science was one of mankind's greatest achievements. The scientific method has provided the accelerated production of evidence-based knowledge.

The availability bias

The heuristics of availability is one of our most important evolutionary legacies. It represents a process of cognitive simplification that leads us to perceive the frequency of certain events based

Does it make sense to compare “the Spanish flu of 1918” with the Covid-19 epidemic?

Many articles, statements and videos have compared the current pandemic with the 1918 pandemic, also known as the “Spanish Flu”. They even state that we can learn important lessons about
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