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Day: November 17, 2020

Masks in the community: Are we following the science?

The usefulness of masks in the prevention of respiratory diseases is something very intuitive. If we want to prevent any agent from infecting us, putting something in front of our

Collateral damages of a lockdown

After the so-called first wave, many countries gave assurances that they would not use lockdowns again as a strategy to combat Covid-19, because of the strong economic and social impact

What is base rate?

The taxi problem (classic example of the base rate fallacy) There are two taxi companies in a city: one is GREEN, the other is BLUE. 85% of taxis are blue

How Long Does Immunity Last After COVID-19?

There are currently four identified coronaviruses in circulation. Knowledge about the re-infection process with these endemic viruses may reveal characteristics common to all human coronaviruses. It is generally assumed that

Is it true that we only use 10% of the brain?

Many people believe that we only use a small part of the brain. In an online survey conducted in the United States, the majority (65%) of the more than 2000

68% of the excess deaths by natural causes were non-Covid

Sixty-eight per cent of excess mortality (MS) due to natural causes in Portugal is associated with non-Covid-19 deaths. According to an analysis made by the National School of Public Health

Pyramid of scientific evidence: why the quality of evidence is important

One of the most important issues in the interpretation of different scientific studies is the degree of evidence that each represents. The pyramid of scientific evidence is an excellent representation

What is a Covid case? What do the numbers tell us?

Is it correct to classify positive test cases as “new infections”? What do the numbers tell us? In the previous article on the Covid-19 cases we talked about the doubts
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