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Month: April 2021

Research: Attributes and forecasts of the long Covid

The possible complications of Covid-19, generically referred to as Long Covid, are one of the most popular topics and one of the most feared by the population. However, there is

Post hoc fallacy (or why do all home-made remedies cure colds)

A logical fallacy is an error in reasoning that renders a given argument invalid. The Post hoc or Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc fallacy is a common logical fallacy that

Excess mortality under 65 in Europe in 2020

The Spectator newspaper has published the overall 2020 excess mortality under the age of 65 of several European countries. Some Eastern and Northern European countries stand out positively, while the

PCR tests: what procedures are used to identify “Covid cases”

PCR tests have been a fundamental part of the strategy that most countries have followed in fighting the pandemic, namely in identifying cases and deaths associated with the infection. In

Sweden promises greater protection for scientists after social media attacks and death threats

The Swedish government says it will strengthen laws on academic freedom following a wave of threats and violent attacks on a leading Swedish researcher on the internet, which led to
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