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Category: Health

National Health Service recommends procedures that limit the provision of first aid

The National Health Service updated, in March 2020, the recommendations for first aid provided by citizens to victims of drowning, choking or cardiorespiratory arrest, due to the pandemic context. The

Which disease has killed more people in Portugal?

Strokes were the leading cause of death in 2019. This disease killed 10 975 Portuguese in the period under review and already represents 9.8% of mortality in our country, according

Research: Attributes and forecasts of the long Covid

The possible complications of Covid-19, generically referred to as Long Covid, are one of the most popular topics and one of the most feared by the population. However, there is

Excess mortality under 65 in Europe in 2020

The Spectator newspaper has published the overall 2020 excess mortality under the age of 65 of several European countries. Some Eastern and Northern European countries stand out positively, while the

Lack of transparency, alarmism, excessive spending, vested interests. The mistakes pointed out to the management of the 2009 pandemic

The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) has given negative points for most of the European interventions made during the H1N1 pandemic in 2009, and alerted to serious

WHO: Pandemic’s impact on cancer treatment is catastrophic

Covid-19’s impact on cancer treatment is “catastrophic” and “made us realise the real human cost of neglecting a non-communicable disease like cancer,” WHO Director for Europe Hans Kluge said. On

Norway revises Covid vaccination guide after death of elderly due to adverse reactions, but refuses alarmism

Norway’s National Institute of Public Health has revised and changed the vaccination guide for the new coronavirus following 23 reported deaths of elderly people associated with adverse reactions to the

Controversial report says Covid-19 has not increased the number of elderly deaths in the US. Figures are the same as in other years

“Covid-19 has not increased the number of deaths of older people in the United States,” and “the percentage of deaths among all age groups remains relatively the same”, before and

More than half of the Portuguese population is overweight. Obesity is a Covid risk factor

According to the Portuguese Society for the Study of Obesity (SPEO), 34.8 percent of the Portuguese population is pre-obese and more than half the population (57.1 percent) is obese or

68% of the excess deaths by natural causes were non-Covid

Sixty-eight per cent of excess mortality (MS) due to natural causes in Portugal is associated with non-Covid-19 deaths. According to an analysis made by the National School of Public Health
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