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Category: Opinion

The Swedish experiment: Who were the guinea pigs?

The Swedish response to the pandemic was described by many as a risky experiment. “Sweden bucks global trend with experimental virus strategy” – Financial Times, 25/03/2020 Today, one year later,

Correlation and Causality: More than meets the eye

Our evolution has manifested itself largely in our ability to find patterns and trends with very little information. On the one hand, it has allowed us to develop ways of deciding quickly without having complete information (heuristics). For example, when we drive a car and make hundreds of decisions automatically.

Censorship in times of pandemic

The limitation of freedom of expression in terms of a pandemic merits particular reflection as it goes far beyond ideological motivations. The main social networks and much of the media

Freedom of expression and new forms of censorship

The truth, when it exists in absolute terms, rarely corresponds to the most popular view, of a group or, even, of a single person. Reality is too complex and difficult

A brief overview of the pandemic

On 3 March this year the WHO revealed the characteristics of this new virus detected in China.  It would have a lethality rate of 3.4% which was the result of

Masks in the community: Are we following the science?

The usefulness of masks in the prevention of respiratory diseases is something very intuitive. If we want to prevent any agent from infecting us, putting something in front of our
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