Editorial Regulations

The Blind Spot is a specialized information website, focused on the different areas of science. However, it does not neglect other themes of public interest that are in some way linked to its area of expertise.

The Blind Spot is a news media totally independent of any economic, religious, corporate/party interests or groups. It follows a totally transparent editorial line. It has no connection to, and does not follow, any political ideology or organised group.

The Blind Spot is created with the purpose of providing readers with information based on scientific evidence. It believes that readers should have access to all information and not just partial or fragmented data. It values the exchange of ideas and promotes informed, pertinent, relevant and specialized opinion.

The Blind Spot upholds the principles of freedom of information, democracy, inclusion, opinion, and human dignity. It stands against all forms of censorship, sensationalism and populism of numbers and words, exploitation of the human condition in exchange for audience and manipulation of information.

The Blind Spot is a project that aims to invite readers to think differently about information, to see beyond the obvious and to develop a critical sense. It also tries to stimulate a strong, interested, participative and informed public opinion, which strengthens a democratic and plural society. To this end, it argues that information should be impartial and accurate. Based on factual data and credible sources, not on unconfirmed or sensationalist assumptions.

The Blind Spot is committed to ensuring respect for the ethical principles and professional ethics that regulate journalism.

The Blind Spot defends free competition, rejecting all forms of monopoly and other distortions of competition.