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Led largely by the development of the scientific method, we have achieved remarkable advances and gigantic global knowledge.

Some of this knowledge can have a huge impact, individually and in society. But this knowledge is not easily accessed.

The causes are many, ranging from the lack of a vocation to disseminate science on the part of those who produce it, to the difficulty of distinguishing the legitimate from the fraudulent on the part of those who consume it.

For this reason, at a time when there is effective knowledge on various subjects, we often continue not to take advantage of it.

Therefore, we become more vulnerable to dogmatic ideologies that divide society or to mystical conceptions that lead us to simplistic visions and, as a rule, counterproductive paths.


We intend to help disseminate information from various scientific areas. Give different perspectives on relevant issues and themes. Search for new information through our own journalistic or scientific research.
We want to focus on real problems and try to contribute in some way to stimulate the debate of ideas and promote “out-of-the-box” thinking.

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