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What is a Covid 19 death?

We constantly hear in the news phrases like "Covid has already killed X number of people in a given country" or "X number of people have died due to the virus". But do the numbers called "deaths by Covid" mean cases of deaths definitely caused by the virus?

A brief overview of the pandemic

On 3 March this year the WHO revealed the characteristics of this new virus detected in China.  It would have a lethality rate of 3.4% which was the result of

What is a Covid case? What do the numbers tell us?

Is it correct to classify positive test cases as “new infections”? What do the numbers tell us? In the previous article on the Covid-19 cases we talked about the doubts

What is a Covid case? The false positives and the non-infectious positives

Every day we are informed about the number of new infections by the “new coronavirus”, also known as “Covid-19 cases”. However, do the reported cases all correspond to infected people?

What is a pandemic?

Pandemic refers to an epidemic that has spread to several countries or continents, generally affecting a large number of people (CDC- Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). or It is
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