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Evidence Synthesis: What is a “Covid death”

The WHO has decided to make Covid-19 a compulsorily registerable disease and has issued guidelines for attributing cause of death to the disease. “…A COVID-19 death is defined for surveillance

CDC: Death certificates declare homicides, suicides and missing persons as Covid deaths

During 2020, 378,048 deaths in the US were attributed to Covid-19 on death certificates reported to CDC. Because the registration model was questioned and it was hypothesised that some deaths

Pandemic in Portugal: 28,000 health professionals infected. 19 have died.

Around 28,000 Portuguese health professionals have been infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus since the beginning of the pandemic. 19 have died, representing a case fatality rate of 0.067%. According to

What is a Covid 19 death?

We constantly hear in the news phrases like "Covid has already killed X number of people in a given country" or "X number of people have died due to the virus". But do the numbers called "deaths by Covid" mean cases of deaths definitely caused by the virus?

Study: Why is the Covid mortality rate so different between countries?

The Covid mortality rate is more associated with social factors such as life expectancy, the public health context, the economy and financial support, and the environment (temperature and UV), than

The profile of Covid deaths- Italian reality

In Italy, only 3.3% of the Covid-19 deaths investigated do not show comorbidities (other previous serious pathologies). 65.3% of the deaths had 3 or more comorbidities, 18.6% had two, and

Collateral damages of a lockdown

After the so-called first wave, many countries gave assurances that they would not use lockdowns again as a strategy to combat Covid-19, because of the strong economic and social impact

68% of the excess deaths by natural causes were non-Covid

Sixty-eight per cent of excess mortality (MS) due to natural causes in Portugal is associated with non-Covid-19 deaths. According to an analysis made by the National School of Public Health
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