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Tag: Masks

New revision: ECDC does not recommend respirators and double masks

The ECDC says that “the use of respirators in place of other types of face masks in the community is not considered currently justifiable“, taking into account “the potential costs

Rain and humidity make masks ineffective

The General Directorate of Health (DGS) has recommended the use of a mask in the outdoors whenever physical distance cannot be guaranteed, in their health plan for the fall and

First RCT on masks in the face of this pandemic

The first RCT study published on masks in the context of this pandemic found no statistically significant differences regarding the protection of their users. Historical background For decades research has

Masks in the community: Are we following the science?

The usefulness of masks in the prevention of respiratory diseases is something very intuitive. If we want to prevent any agent from infecting us, putting something in front of our
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