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CDC: Death certificates declare homicides, suicides and missing persons as Covid deaths

During 2020, 378,048 deaths in the US were attributed to Covid-19 on death certificates reported to CDC. Because the registration model was questioned and it was hypothesised that some deaths

Which disease has killed more people in Portugal?

Strokes were the leading cause of death in 2019. This disease killed 10 975 Portuguese in the period under review and already represents 9.8% of mortality in our country, according

Research: Attributes and forecasts of the long Covid

The possible complications of Covid-19, generically referred to as Long Covid, are one of the most popular topics and one of the most feared by the population. However, there is

Post hoc fallacy (or why do all home-made remedies cure colds)

A logical fallacy is an error in reasoning that renders a given argument invalid. The Post hoc or Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc fallacy is a common logical fallacy that

The Swedish experiment: Who were the guinea pigs?

The Swedish response to the pandemic was described by many as a risky experiment. “Sweden bucks global trend with experimental virus strategy” – Financial Times, 25/03/2020 Today, one year later,

Global emergency services falling since Covid’s inception

The portuguese NHS Emergency Department Daily Monitoring System reveals a significant drop in total emergency episodes since mid-February 2020, when Covid started being reported worldwide. The numbers are especially lower

The Authority bias

The authority bias is the tendency to overestimate the opinion of authority figures and obey their indications to the detriment of the analysis of the situation. Small details can reinforce

New revision: ECDC does not recommend respirators and double masks

The ECDC says that “the use of respirators in place of other types of face masks in the community is not considered currently justifiable“, taking into account “the potential costs

German minister works with scientists to create communication that instills Covid fear

At the beginning of last year, the German Ministry of the Interior worked with a group of scientists to create a communication strategy to promote the fear of Covid-19 among

The confirmation bias

The confirmation bias is the tendency to value, remember, interpret or even research information that confirms pre-existing beliefs. We often develop convictions with ease. Even on complex subjects, most people

Censorship in times of pandemic

The limitation of freedom of expression in terms of a pandemic merits particular reflection as it goes far beyond ideological motivations. The main social networks and much of the media

Freedom of expression and new forms of censorship

The truth, when it exists in absolute terms, rarely corresponds to the most popular view, of a group or, even, of a single person. Reality is too complex and difficult
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