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Month: December 2020

Serological study: 1.9% of Portuguese have antibodies against Covid-19

1.9% of the Portuguese population developed antibodies against Covid-19 by September of this year, according to the largest serological survey conducted so far in our country. The study – which

Censorship in times of pandemic

The limitation of freedom of expression in terms of a pandemic merits particular reflection as it goes far beyond ideological motivations. The main social networks and much of the media

WHO declares high risk of false positives in RT-PCR tests

In a notification for the correct use of RT-PCR tests for the detection of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, the WHO warns of a high risk of false positives. “Description of the

Studies: Schools are not the main focus of Covid-19 infection. Children transmit less

The closing of schools is the wrong response to fight the coronavirus pandemic, and did not help in the fight against Covid-19, it simply removed a system that provides children

Rain and humidity make masks ineffective

The General Directorate of Health (DGS) has recommended the use of a mask in the outdoors whenever physical distance cannot be guaranteed, in their health plan for the fall and

Freedom of expression and new forms of censorship

The truth, when it exists in absolute terms, rarely corresponds to the most popular view, of a group or, even, of a single person. Reality is too complex and difficult

What is a Covid 19 death?

We constantly hear in the news phrases like "Covid has already killed X number of people in a given country" or "X number of people have died due to the virus". But do the numbers called "deaths by Covid" mean cases of deaths definitely caused by the virus?

A brief overview of the pandemic

On 3 March this year the WHO revealed the characteristics of this new virus detected in China.  It would have a lethality rate of 3.4% which was the result of

Study: Why is the Covid mortality rate so different between countries?

The Covid mortality rate is more associated with social factors such as life expectancy, the public health context, the economy and financial support, and the environment (temperature and UV), than

Portugal: Hospitalization occupancy rate in October is lower than in the last 3 years

Last October’s hospitalisation rate is lower than in the last three years, according to public data provided by the National Health Service on the Transparency Portal. Transparency Portal. With the

The two paradigms for tackling the pandemic

Despite the various perspectives on the response to this pandemic, there are two prevailing currents within the scientific community.  Especially now that some evidence is more consolidated, these two fields

Fight against Covid divides scientists: what the two ideological groups advocate

Although there are multiple views on the pandemic, two substantially different models share the preference of most researchers, policy makers and the general population. In this table, we summarize these
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